Odd little things

Discussion in 'ID Needed' started by Bayls, 18 Jul 2008.

  1. Bayls

    Bayls Not often called Junior!

    11 Dec 2007
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    Hi o wise ones!
    I ahem :whistling: found these little guys at Sodwana Bay and brought them home in my suitcase (bait box actually!!) They are THRIVING (well the strange finger like things are, the purple guys are also looking much bigger than they were!)!
    I really would like to know if anyone has an idea of what these 2 things are!!

    I know I am a bad boy :nono: , but hey, people walking on the rocks must do far more damage than me taking a tiny thing out of a rockpool. Its loving its new home!:slayer:
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  3. 2balive


    6 May 2007
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    Camps Bay, Cape Town
    I want one

    No idea, will check my books, but if you ever want to pass one of those funy horns on, pls send one my way.
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