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    hi guyz

    i just started building my aquarium, im very new to salt water aquarims. been doing alot of reading. im having a prob with my overflow ,it a octusreef ova flow not sure how to get it started, was told to fill outflow tank wiht water then suck on the pipe on the top of the unit, did a test and a bit worried cos its not working . test run was done in my sink. also i got this weipro skimmer s-2017. power head has an output of 2500l/h. max output for skimmer needs 3500l/h, was told for my tank (300l) this wud be fine. the problem im having is the bubbles dnt seem to be enough. i did a test run with normal water. wonder if salt water foams better or is it just not working. there is a lot of bubbles but no foam . bebore the bubles get to the top dey get bigger an number of bubbles are therefore reduced. can anyone help me getting stressd out cos i feel like i wasted money and tym on these items...plz.plz .plz help
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    Gud skimmer, intro pleez, check out da links in @Tobes signiture.
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