Octopus V's Shark ..... Who Wins

shit im scared to dive now!
That is one mean octopus. But the sharks were pretty small.
That is one mean octopus. But the sharks were pretty small.

Our giant octopuses are masters of disguise, changing skin texture and color to blend in with their surroundings. This is the largest species of octopus in the world can grow to nearly 30 feet long and weigh nearly 100 pounds.

Lol........Sharks not that small.
Ok I won't be swimming around those spots....ever.
Hey everyone - remember - the depths that these creatures live in are usually beyond recreational SCUBA diving depths.... the animals usually only occurs at depths of 80 metres and deeper..... Mekaeel - what max depth do you dive to?
eish but that looks like an excuse for a shark! :)
what shark is it btw? that octo should try that stunt with a great white, but it's probably smart enought not too... hehe
Octo****ys are well known to eat sharks especially in aquariums they actually climb out their tanks into the shark tanks and supper is on the table this is done at night and the they go back home amazing isnt it now they are rated the most intelligent creatures.Sharks stand no chance against them
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