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    CV-OCT-OZGEN_1.jpg Ozone is a pretty useful tool in oxidizing*dissolved*organics*in the aquarium and the new Octopus Ozone is one promising unit that cranks out up to 250mg an hour. The Octopus O3 generator uses room air and comes with a built in dryer box with silica gel to remove*moisture.*If you are looking for a way to keep your water clear and get rid of the yellow haze, you might look into raising your ORP with this unit.

    At $149.99, the Octopus Ozone generator is pretty affordable too especially considering you get the ozone safe tubing and drying box on top of it all. If you have been on the fence about adding ozone, this just might be the unit that makes you a convert. Ozone can be used directly with protein skimmers but that high concentration of ozone may cause early wear-and-tear on your skimmer, making the acrylic more brittle. Using the generator in conjunction with an ozone reactor may be your best bet. You can find the Octopus O3 generator is available online at Premium Aquatics.

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