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    Common Name : Ocellaris Clownfish , False Peculia ClownfishScientific Name: Amphiprion ocellarisDistribution : Western Pacific and Eastern Indian OceanMaximum Length : 4 inches (about 10cm)Minimum Tank Size :10 gallons (38 L) single , 20 gallon (76 L ) Pair.Feeding : Omnivore. Benefits from a varied diet. Vegetative matter. Frozen prepared mixes.Reef Safe : Yes.Care Level : Easy.Anemone Associations : *Heteractis magnifica, *Stichodactyla gigantea, and *S. mertiensii in the wild. Entacmaea quadricolor in captivity.( * denotes poor aquarium species )Notes : The Ocellaris is one of the most recognized fish in the hobby and because of* the bright coloration and interesting personality , also one of the most popular.* Ocellaris are currently being captive bred in large numbers. The captive bred versions are less prone to disease and are more accustomed to aquarium life. Whenever possible captive raised should be chosen over their wild ...


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