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8 May 2007
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The OceanSwipe is the closest thing we’ve seen to an aquarium glass cleaning robot. Details of the high tech glass-cleaning, acrylic-polishing and music-playing robot have been popping up over the last two years, culminating into a crowdfunding campaign later last year.

Although the OceanSwipe 360 Kickstarter was ultimately unsuccessful, the company is still forging ahead with the development and manufacture of the robotic glass cleaner. We just obtained this image of the OceanSwipe 360’s circuit boards being printed with a statement from the company:

“We’ve been hard at work talking to manufacturers, ordering parts and refining our software. Our pick and place machine is running great to get those circuit boards done.”

This is great news not just for the prospect of actually having this device on our tanks and experiencing perpetually clear aquarium glass and walls. We’re just tickled that aquarium passion and reef geeking and the culture overall has blossomed to a point where the OceanSwipe 360 could be coming to market even without crowdfunding, so let’s hope to get some more updates from OceanSwipe very soon.

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