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    After taking a brake from reefing for about 2 years, i am hoping to set up a new 110L mixed marine tank. Luckily I have not got rid of all the essential and most costly things, like my live (dead now) rock, protein skimmer and Tunze pumps.
    I want to go with a classic sump design not to complex, DSB/refugeem in one 60L tank. The only thing that I am realy undicided about is whether i should use NSW or synthetic salt to do water changes with. I have alwas felt safe with synthetic sea water, but it will work out to be far to expensive if I have to consider all other start up costs. Although I am not sure where to get decent NSW in CT, any advice would be apreciated as i dont want to get by the Two Oceans Aquariums as they pump there water to close to the shore for my taste:whistling:. For lighting I think that will go with MH T5 mix, but start with T5 as it is cheaper to buy the bulbs and ballasts one by one then buying a whole MH system. Will post pictures as soon as I have a tank to speach of:biggrin:.
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