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    Oceanlife, better known for their nifty overflow/return kit has a new Food Line with some incremental changes to how they suggest feeding our corals. Amin Extra Powder is like an amino acid additive but in a more concentrated powder form that may be more quickly taken up by corals, perhaps along the same lines as the the nano-particulated ascorbic acid from Quantum Marine Labs. Coral Food Powder is probably just like many other coral foods, finely ground food stuffs that is dried and needs to be rehydrated to be fed to corals but Skim Stop is different.

    We know that adding oils to the aquarium will collapse your protein skimmer but Oceanlife takes that one step further by literally calling*their*Omega-3 additive Skim Stop, and recommending *to add it to your aquarium right along side the Amin Extra and Coral Food Powder to prevent your skimmer from pulling these foods. It’s hard to say if the Oceanlife Food Line has any major advantage to similar products, but since Oceanlife is based in Italian our Italian*comrades*will have to let us know how they like it. [Oceanlife]

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    Interesting idea to take your skimmer of-line when feeding coral foods.

    Will experiment a little as I often forget to pul the air tube out from under the water.

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