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    Today we talk about the new test of Potassium by Oceanlife just introduced on the market.

    As you can see from the picture the test is composed, as usual, from a box of generous dimensions that contains the folding carton with instructions in english illustrating each step, a large plastic container, two bottles containing the same reagent called K, two syringes, a 5ml and a 1 ml ones.

    The test is given for 40 measurements, and both bottles contain about 100 ml of contrast fluid.

    The test is really very simple, and works on water turbidity. We have to fill the container with 5 ml of the orange solution contained in the bottles. Then we fill the 1 ml syringe with aquarium water. Placing the container on the circumference with the seagull we add drop by drop the aquarium water inside it. We will notice a gradual increase in turbidity. When the water will be enough murky to the point of not being able to recognize the seagull inside the circle we have completed the test. We’ll have to read the value on the syringe and compare it with the one on the card and we will have the value of Potassium content in the water of our aquarium.

    The test, as already mentioned, is really very simple, so it’s extremely hard to ask for more.

    Having said that the test is not very cheap in an absolute sense since it costs 23,10 € ($30.50), but if we compare it with the Elos test which costs € 30.00, we have a decent savings.

    Please do remember that all tests, although they have a high number of measurements, should be used not more than six months from their first use. Incorrect storage can ruin the reagents and give you false readings. Considered the six-month reference period and 40 measurements means that with this test we can make almost two reading a week for a period of six months, at a cost of about €0.57 per measurement.
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