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    Central Garden & Pet has eliminated another legacy brand shuttering Oceanic. Other notable brands eliminated by Central Garden & Pet has been All-Glass Aquariums and Kent (but not Kent Marine). Apparently Oceanic will no longer be manufacturing any products and once all stock is depleted, Oceanic will become a distant memory among hobbyists.

    Unlike Kent products for freshwater, which were eliminated and products rolled into the Aqueon line, Oceanic looks to be done and is uncertain if there are plans to continue making products under another line. This is disappointing news as Oceanic Bio Cubes were widely popular among hobbyists looking for a versatile all-in-one aquariums setup and creating widespread brand loyalty and recognition.

    We have heard this news from various industry resources and have made repeated attempts to get input from Central Pet with no response from the company. We are not sure at this point if all Oceanic lines will be retired or if all or some of them will be rolled under the Aqueon or other brand umbrella.
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