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    oceanic_biocube_hqi_aquarium_29-300x300.jpg Yesterday we posted about Central Pet nixing the Oceanic brand but it turns out that they are really only streamlining the Oceanic product line. Oceanic and Aqueon are two brands owned by Central Garden & Pet which both produced a similar catalog of aquarium sizes and shapes. After a few years of selling 100 times mroe Aqueon tanks than Oceanic* tanks, the decision was made to curtail production of the higher-end aquariums. As many of you may remember, back in the day if you wanted a better glass tank in the U.S. it was pretty much Oceanic or bust. The Oceanic brand as a tank-manufacturer is basically what is being “skinnied down”.

    Central Pet still has the capability to produce higher-end custom aquariums with premium features like Starphire glass, beveled edges and nicer trim that we came to expect from Oceanic aquariums, but they simply won’t be pumping out the big Oceanic tanks like they used to. Instead the Oceanic brand will be streamlined to include all of the products which are packaged: Biocubes, Biocube accessories, Oceanic Salt and Chillers and the Illuminata will still be marketed and distributed to the aquarium trade.

    We are glad that popular aquarium products like Oceanic Salt and the Biocubes will continue to be available nationwide and we apologize to Oceanic and Oceanic dealers for the error in our reporting. Thanks to Central Aquatics and Oceanic for reaching out to us to clarify the changes.

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