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8 May 2007
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Oceanbox Designs just announced a design for nano reefers with its new PICO-S AIO series aquarium. The Oceanbox Design 4.3G PICO-S (Shallow) all-in-one aquarium might be small but its chock full of premium features.

Measuring it at 12 x 12 x 7 in. and holding around 4.3 gallons of water, this is one system just begging to find its way your office, bedroom, kitchen or other spot in your house. Its built-in all-in-one filtration system makes it easy to get up and running for a small frag tank or a pico reef for another room in your house or office.

What about those premium features? Oceanbox aquariums are hand built in the US with hand-polished edges, black bottom and background to enhance visibility of your livestock, laser-cut components, filter media chamber with a media rack, return pump chamber, adjustable flare nozzle and 80gph return pump.

These retail for $159.99 but you can grab one on sale for $149.99 at their website.

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