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    The Ocean Swipe 360 took the reef and aquarium world by surprise when it was revealed that someone had designed and built the mother of all aquarium glass cleaning robots. With a very sophisticated glass cleanbing system that can even go around corners, the Ocean Swipe is the most exciting development in aquarium automation in a long time.

    But what we’ve just found out makes the Ocean Swipe so much more than an accessory, and more of an aquarium tool. Since the Ocean Swipe 360 is fully robotic and programmable, it is even possible to set the machine to polish scratches out of acrylic aquarium walls.

    SeeClear has been quite successful at polishing the scratches out of aquariums that are already set up, especially the very largest tanks. However, the Ocean Swipe might really become a hit if it really works to polish acrylic aquariums, as we know of so many older acrylic tanks that could seriously use a good buffing, and SeeClear can’t do them all.

    The Ocean Swipe is definitely an overkill product for the purpose it serves but we are thrilled to see how flexible this product will be, and tickled that so much time and energy has been spent designing a ridiculously awesome device for our little hobby. [Ocean Swipe 360]

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