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    The Ocean Light LED Twin is a new solid state lighting effort from Aqua Medic. Consisting of two rows of high output, 3 watt LED diodes, the Ocean Light LED Twin is an attractive aluminum lighting slab coming in four sizes. Each of these new LED fixtures have extendable mounting arms that let users adjust the overall length for easy installation on an aquarium, and adjustments for selecting the height above the water surface.

    Coming in 12 inch/ 30 cm increments, the Ocean Light LED Twin sports dual strips of LEDs in a 2:1 ratio of 12,000K white to blue LEDs.*We don’t fault Aqua Medic for the white to blue ratio, but the fact that they don’t specify the wavelength of blue used in the Ocean Light LED Twin, and *use only one color of it, hammers home the point that AquaMedic really places much less value on the quality of blue lighting used than contemporary reefers are used to, especially when it comes to blue LED lighting.

    U.S. pricing for the sleek Ocean Light LED Twin is still being worked out, but it’s probably going to shake down to $499 for the four foot, 144 watt version with 72 discrete diodes, and a comparable amount less for each shorter length of this fixture. What you don’t get with that is*any channel control, but you can spring another $249 for the Sunrise Control module to get dual channel control of this and other Aqua Medic LED lights. [Aqua Medic]

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