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    Ocean Blue Aquarium is a fishstore with a seriously cool display reef aquarium. To many the *main displays in your local fishstores were one of the first live reef aquarium’s they encountered when they first got started out in the hobby. Now just imagine if that particular display was as cool as the Ocean Blue display, wouldn’t that have been awesome? *At 90 gallons the display isn’t massive, but the selection of a few large coral colonies *make the system appear much larger than it actually is. Beside this, we are also quite fond of the open aquascape which gives the illusion that *some of the corals float. The effect might not be a strong as in Robertus’ Aquascape, but it is still present. Watch the video below.

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    Built by Reef Savvy with black silicone this system has the rimless look completely nailed down, which is obviously one of the things we like about this aquarium. A*MP40′s on both side pannels provide alternating flow for some nice water movement. A clear backpanel allows the aquarium to be viewed from four sides, including the side facing towards the window. Certainly nice advertisement for the store. The reef is illuminated by T5′s which partially explains the more tranquil vibe of the aquarium. It is suprising how big of a difference shimmer makes to the whole look of an aquarium.
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