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    We spent a great deal of time trying to tell you about all the neat corals we observed and documented on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition with more than 20 stories on different coral strains and species alone. However we shot more than 5000 photos ourselves, and probably 10,000 collectively, but there is simply no way to take the time to tell you about every single neat coral one by one.

    That being said, we still wanted to share with you a nice large sampling of the various corals and species we gawked at while several fathoms under the sea and so we’ve put together this video collage of most of our favorite coral pictures from the survey. Being in the infamous Coral Triangle, as you can imagine the abundance and diversity of soft and stony coral species in this region is through the roof.

    [​IMG]Watching this video of our top 250 coral photos from the expedition in Flores is like flipping through a veritable coral atlas minus the names of the corals, as we didn’t have the time to caption so many images. If you are a serious coral junkie get ready to practically overdose on coral eye candy because there’s an incredible wealth of corals in this video which are not documented anywhere.

    This video overview includes several very unusual Anacroporablue-grey branching Hydnophora, blue-grey branching Echninopora that looks almost identical to that Hydnophora, and we were incredibly stoked to spot several distinct colorations and forms of brilliantly colored Stylocoeniella. If you have questions about any particular coral you see feel free to ask in the comments with a note on what time that coral appears and we’ll do our best to oblige with an identification and any other notes we may have made on that specimen.

    Corals of Flores - YouTube
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