RSS Nyos Viper water pump has the heart of an Eden pump in a quieter shell

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    If the Nyos Viper water pump looks familiar that’s because it’s basically an oem’d Eden water pump but one which has been granted a few more perks. Unlike its Eden pump siblings, the Nyos Viper uses a much stronger silicon carbide ceramic shaft which is extremely hard. The silicon carbide shaft of the Nyos Viper wears much slower than the regular ceramic shaft found in the Edens which means that it will stay quieter, longer. Other touches to the Nyos Viper including some fashionable silicone feet to absorb/diffuse any vibrations, some magenta accents so you know it’s a Nyos products.


    Some other features of the Nyos Viper includes a built-in prefilter cleaner, a couple swipes back and forth and your intake is gunk free. Finally a built valve on the outlet allows you to adjust the output of the Nyos Viper with a small flathead screwdriver or coin, foregoing the need to add a separate and bulky ball valve. The back pressure from throttling back the Nyos Viper reduces both the impeller RPMs and the power consumption, so need to worry about pumps burning up.

    Nyos is making the Viper water pump available in several sizes and prices which will be on the higher end yet still competitive for their list of features. There is very limited, near non-existent distribution of the Eden pumps in the US but we’ll take a Nyos Viper over them any day. European reef aquarists will be able to get that quiet little viper pump very soon from their Nyos dealers but Americans will have to wait until some distribution is locked down for our territories before we see some with a US-style plug.

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