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8 May 2007
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NYOS Purpure is a new salt mix from the German company that we just spied in the NYOS booth as they are setting up. Purpure is a funny name but an interesting salt mix that borrows some ideas from two existing salts on the market. The new salt mix will be packaged in boxes, each with four pre-packaged bags with 5kg (11lb) worth of ingredients for mixing up just under 40 gallons.

Like Salinity from Seachem, since NYOS makes Purpure themselves the new salt mix will be batch tested for quality with a sticker on top of each box clearly outlining how this particular batch came out in terms of calcium, alkalinity relative to gravity. And like AccuraSea 1 from Two Little Fishies, the bags are pre-measured to ensure a consistent seawater production within each bag.

With NYOS now being distributed by Ecotech Marine, it’s really great to see more products from the progressive German marine aquarium company. Pricing and availability has yet to be determined, but those will surely be made available in due time.

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