RSS Nyos adds twin pump Quantum 300 to its protein skimmer line

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8 May 2007
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NYOS used its first personal appearance at an American reef show to show off their largest protein skimmer to date, the NYOS Quantum 300. The general design and function of NYOS skimmers doesn’t stray too far from status quo, but the small features and finishing touches that NYOS uses permeates through the entire Quantum line giving them a very distinct look.

The NYOS Quantum shows off that special flavor of styling the most since its ‘larger’ size accentuates the curvy body and bulbous skimmate collection cup. The Quantum 300 is NYOS’s first twin-pump protein skimmer too, with two 22 watt NYOS Quantum 5.0 needle wheel pumps drawing a combined 1100 liters of air per hour.

The internally mounted pumps impart the Quantum 300 a very small footprint of just 14 by 16 inches. Meanwhile the 26 inch body height of the NYOS Quantum 300 is enough reaction volume and contact time for the whole package to skim an aquarium volume of between 250 and 1000 gallons, which is a very wide range, and most reefers would draw the line around 500 gallons.

The Quantum 300 that NYOS displayed is one of the first production units to be made and shown off so pricing and availability date, in the U.S. and in Europe is yet to be determined.

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