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    It only took two months for Innovative Marine to get their progressive Nuvo Shallow Reef All in One aquariums series from ready-to-announce, to ready-to-ship. Beginning today, interested buyers will be able to purchase one of the three sizes of the Nuvo SR aquariums with stands and the final suite of refinements from when the kits were first announced.

    The aquariums themselves were fairly well fleshed out before being announced so the new details on the Nuvo SR pertain primarily to the stands. All of these nice ‘n tall stands *have storage shelves, magnetic latches on the doors, and pre-cut cable ports for feeding power to the suite of devices that come with the Nuvo SR series. An extra special touch is that all Nuvo SR kits will now also ship with a self-leveling mat for a more stable, and more level foundation for your new reef, fish, or coral tank.


    With its innovative dimensions and novel approach to built-in water filtration and processing, the Innovative Marine SR tanks have huge potential to be built into world-class displays. The shallow dimensions of the Nuvo SR makes them easier to work on, easier to light up and with no plumbing outside the tank, the Nuvo SR are virtually leak-proof.*What is also especially exciting about Innovative Marine’s new All in One aquarium is the inclusion of that nifty nylon and aluminum screen cover which will keep all your fancy fish inside the aquarium meaning you can load up the firefish, anthias and wrasses to your heart’s content.

    The other big news about the Nuvo Shallo Reef kits is that Innovative Marine has arranged for the complete kits to be palletized so that they can be shipped right to your door if you order online. While it will definitely be cheaper to pick up a Nuvo SR in-store and take it home yourself, each of the three sizes will be available to order with only a 10% shipping charge — so $150 for the SR60, $200 for the SR80 and $300 for the SR120.*Innovative Marine SR aquariums and stands will begin shipping to dealers this week and ordering pages for online sales should start going live at finer e-tailers today and the next several days.

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