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    Innovative Marine’s Nuvo Shallow Reef series turned a lot of heads with an out-of-the box set of features which brought the modern marine aquarium into the twenty-teens. Now, the Nuvo Fusion brings the same attention to aquaristik detail to the Nuvo Fusion line of aquariums.

    Available beginning this week, the Nuvo Fusion aquariums come either in a stout 40 gallon or a long 30 gallon aquarium with the same beautiful craftsmanship of the Nuvo SR marine aquariums. High clarity glass, beveled diamond polished edges, recessed screen lid and the customary built-in filtration has never looked so good in a nearly complete, plug and play, all in one marine aquarium.

    While the large and showy Nuvo SR series was designed and targeted as a fixture for the home living room or business lobby, the Nuvo Fusion carries with them a size and price that should also appeal to the home aquarist at just $500 for everything but the light and livestock. Another $300 completes the kit with a sharp high density fiberboard stand with a now factory-installed rubber leveling mat to make sure everything fits nice and tight.

    The modern look of the Nuvo Fusion 40 gallon is the first factory All in One to even give us envy to replace our cherished five year old EcoMini 28 gallon; that curved glass front is so passe while hard corners and high clarity glass is totally*in.*With Innovative Marine Aquarium’s track record you don’t need a crystal ball to know that reefers are going to be building some visually striking reef displays with these tanks as soon as they can get them, beginning this week. [Innovative Marine]

    Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Micro 30L Mini 40 Aquarium - YouTube
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