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8 May 2007
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The Nuvo Black Aquariums are a new line of all glass aquariums from Innovative Marine, and that’s it! We’ve become so used to Innovative Marine being one of the major players in all in one aquariums from their Fusion, Shallow Reef and Nuvo series aquariums, the Nuvo Black strips it all down to bare glass.

Innovative Marine will be offering the Nuvo Black aquariums in five sizes from ten gallons to forty gallons, and one of the defining features of the Nuvo Black is a smoked black glass panel. With most aquarists opting to use a black background or painting the black back to accentuate the fish and livestock of their own aquarium, the Nuvo Black comes pre-fitted with the smoked black background which is only slightly translucent.

Thankfully, the Nuvo Black does not suffer from the use of black silicone as was the trend in some ‘classier’ aquarium offerings several years ago and instead all clear silicone to keep the look of the Nuvo Black as minimalist as possible. The other thing to note about the Nuvo Black from Innovative Marine is that to reduce cost, the Nuvo Black no longer have that high clarity, low iron glass but since the tanks top out at 40 gallons, you’ll hardly notice on glass this thin.

Innovative Marine will begin shipping their Nuvo Black aquariums to dealers this week and the sizes, dimensions and pricing are as follows:

10gallon 15” x 11.8” x 13” $69.99
20gallon 23.6” x 15” x 13” $105.99
25gallon 23.6” x 19.68” x 11.8” $177.99
30gallon 35.43” x 15” x 13” $190.99
40gallon 23.6” x 19.68” x 18.89” $209.99​

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