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    Nuvo Aquarium is a new line of all-in-one tanks from Innovative Marine, the company recently formed by former movers and shakers at JBJ. JBJ’s Nanocube all-in-one aquariums were some of the trailblazers of the sub-segment of the nano reef aquarium market and with the Nuvo Aquarium, Innovative Marine aims to bring a new generation of styling to turnkey nano and midsized aquariums.

    The range of tanks of in the Nuvo Aquarium line of all-in-one aquariums will include small desktop nano reef with four and eight watt LED lights. The first two announced models fo Nuvo Aquariums are the Micro 30 which holds 30 gallons and the Mini 38 which holds 38 gallons. Both the Nuvo Aquarium Micro 30 and Mini 38 will have a 8 mm thick curved glass front panel with the filtration contained in a compartment that is flush and continuous with the back glass, identical in layout to the EcoMini 28 gallon from Ecosystem Aquarium.

    The Nuvo Aquarium Micro 30 and Mini 38 will be available in black or white trim, with a matching stand that stands 36 inches (90cm) high. There will also be a small edge-mounted clamp-on LED light, also available in white or black. No word on pricing or what kind of amenities we can expect in the back filtration chamber of the Nuvo Aquarium, but if Innovative Aquarium can begin shipping in August like they said then we will know soon enough.

    innovative-marine-micro-30.png nuvo-aquarium-innovative-marine.png
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