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8 May 2007
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Point Waterfront Durban
hey crew.ive heared its not all that good to collect NSW in our winter periods as this can be a major source of white spots and other diseases.can somebody please eloborate on this
Only thing I could think of is that the water is colder in winter. I do not see why it would cause any other problems.
I use NSW winter and summer, never had a problem, as stated beware of the size water change, if it dips the tank temp too much then bingo white spot.
Before you put the new water in your tank, place a heater in your drum to get the temps of the tank and new water the same.
When you do the water change keep an eye on the temp, if it changes by more than 1 deg heat the water before hand.
I often collect water in a 260l JOJO drum. I try leave it on the back of the bakkie in the drum for a few hours to warm up naturally.

Sometimes I need to rush though and don't get a chance to warm the water, what I have found is that a drop of between 1 and 2 degrees is not too serious if your fish are healthy. Anything over 2 degrees would be a concern for me. I have yet to lose a fish due to doing water changes.

Obviously a the less the drop in temperature the better.
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