NSW and Artificial Salt Water in Captive Breeding

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    Hi, i have been researching the breeding of fish and inverts the last few weeks and was wondering the following with regards to NSW and Ready Mix :)
    this in not a flame, but something i want to learn and get opinions about

    since we are striving to keep as natural systems as possible for the inmates and since most species of fish are not from our waters, what is the impact of using natural sea water? yes we acclimatize them to our systems and for those that can get nsw use it, but would using synthetic salt be any different with regards to the "naturalness" of the system. i know some species of fish, cardinals, clowns etc breed in captive setups but lets say we try Yellow Tangs, i am thinking that because we use water not from their natural habitat it could be a factor in them not spawning.

    been reading an article on the breeding of flame angels in hawaii and was thinking that if we as reefers put pressure on manufacturers that we can get diff salt types, pacific, indo etc to make our systems more real :)

    please comment
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    i think there would be slight variations in sea water from different regions, but i doubt it would make any difference to breeding certain species. I think once acclimitized to a certain saltwater, they will be fine. Other factors, such as temp, space, food and understanding breeding cycles will play a much more crucial role in successfully breeding diferent species.
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    Hi Dallas - w.r.t to the question. Take into account the MAJOR sea currents. The sea water ALWAYS drifts, and is NEVER the same for a very long time, in one location. This is very true for the water over the reefs, as well as our local coastline's water.

    The real differences, that I can think of - would be pathogens and microbial life, in different locations - due to different water temperatures, and zoo-plankton/phytoplankton blooms.....

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