NP pellets & a Phosphate Remover

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    Hi reefers.
    Please could you advise, there is so many conflicting articles on the use of NP pellets in conjunction with a phosphate remover. Some articles say you cannot use a phosphate remover with the NP pellets. Others maintain you can.
    Particularly when used in a LPS tank.

    Obviously water parameters have to be monitored carefully due to it creating an LNS system.

    Those that have had any experience with the following.
    Please advise.
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    The problem with running them together is the fact that the pellets remove nitrates and phosphates as per the redfield ratio. Now if you add a phosphate remover you could prevent the NP pellets from removing nitrate. And also vice versa.

    So you could either be left with an excess of nitrate or phosphate. I believe that only after one of these parameters are 0 with running pellets, should you add a reactor to remove the element that got left behind.

    In most cases its the phophate that gets left behind since the ration is 16:1(N:p). And this is why some run a phosphate reactor.
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