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    a few questions i have before i make my decision. I have been giving it alot of thought lately regarding the np pellet reactors.

    Here are the questions.

    Do they really work in keeping nitrates and phosphates down
    Can i run this with a DSB
    I thought of converting a ro filter body into a reactor and running the chiller return through it to reduce electricity cost ( wifee moaning) :p
    Whats the life expectency of the pellets
    Am i really going the right way

    These are my questions. Just been seeing alot of talk regarding them and somes people say im wasting my time and money which i dont want to do.

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    I had a NP pellet reactor for my 600L system and this is what I found.

    I started getting green hair algea on my LR due to my feeding habit I think. I started off by only having the reactor without the skimmer with 100ml/100L of water. I ended up with mpre algea after time, so I then decided to add a dsb with the pellets. I ende up with 1L of pellets for my system and the algea started to go away. I must say I did concetrate on how I fed my fish and and corals.

    What I have realised is that the pelletes is good with nitrates but slow with phosphates but does not remove all phosphates. So if you can run a phosphate reactor with the pellets its fine. Then also said if you have a nice size skimmer 3-4 time your water volume And a big dsb I dont think you really need a np pellet reactor.

    A np pellet reactor is just an aid not a selution, keep it simple because I realised the more you add the more you need to tweek here and there costing alot of money at the end of the day.

    You can but you need to get your flow just right, to high flow and ypu will see cyno and to low flow and it wont work.

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