NP Bio Pellets and Activated Carbon

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    Witbank - Mpumalanga
    I was wondering, is their anyone using NP Bio Pellets on a tank, and what is the results.

    I have read up on a few articles now, and everyone seems to say it works, but how effective is it really? Is it the best way to keep phosphates and Nitrites down?

    As for water quality, is Activated carbon the best way, or additives? how does everyone run carbon in their systems?
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    I dont personally run the pellets yet but from what I've seen in other tanks they are brilliant at reducing N and P. There are a million ways to keep them down but this seems the cheapest in the long run as you dont need GFO or a DSB or a form of denitrator and the pellets last a long time.

    As for carbon they will help clear a tank that has gone a bit yellow. By additives I assume you mean a flocculant of sorts which works but is not a common practice. Filter floss, filter stocking will trap dirt and detritus and will polish the water to a degree but mature biofilter will keep your water the clearest
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    In terms of water clarity and keeping toxins out of a tank, Activated Carbon is the way to go.
    Carbon can be run actively ie. in a reactor, or passively ie. in a stocking or filter bag and kept in a high flow area in the sump.
    If run passively (I used this method) shake the bag once or twice a day.
    Also note that it is best to run any form of chemical filtration (carbon being a perfect example) in the last chamber of the sump, after all your mechanical and biological filtration.
    Sorry but I cant comment on the Bio pellets as I havent used it.
  5. Charl_Stanhope


    17 Jan 2011
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    Big Bay
    I also run carbon in a bag on my tank in the last chamber which keeps if from trapping detris and stuff in the bag. It keeps my water very clear. Also I only run it for a week or 2 a month or more so when necessary when you see the water is not as clear. The thing with carbon is that it gets exhausted so has to be changed, as it will just release the "bad" stuff back in the water when it gets "full". I replace it after a month of running it but can be more often depending on the water quality and how quickly it becomes exhausted. As with the Bio Pellets,I havent tried it yet but doesnt look to bad. Might just look further into it and give it a try.

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