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    The sea saphire seems to disappear right in front of your eyes and researchers have uncovered its secret. With a quick flex of its body, it reflect light frequencies the human eye simply can’t see.

    Sea Saphires come in a variety of colors and the animal often is referred to as “the most beautiful animal you’ve never seen”, the secret “trick” has been shared by researchers in the New Scientist.

    This tiny crustacean is described as having alternating layers of hexagonal guanine crystals and cytoplasm on its back, which is what is reflect light in a dazzling and sparkling array of hues. Different species shimmer in different colors, ranging from gold to blue.

    In the example in the video below, the team discovered when the sea sapphire moves its body 45 degrees to the viewer, the reflected light suddenly shifts from bright blue to ultraviolet—a color that isn’t seen by the human eye.

    This little trick can also be the inspiration for new advances in deep technology and materials including new kinds of coating for glasses, mirrors and displays.

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