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4 Sep 2007
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i think i want to ask moolis to change from fixed flow to variable flow but i'm not sure if i've got enough $$$ for the oceans motion devices (still waiting for price)...

how's this for a 1'st stab at SCWD & how would you guys change it (this is for each of the 2 tanks, i.e. 4 x pumps + 4 x SCWD's):

also what would be the biggest & best pumps you guys suggest? take into account this setup will be in my living room so can't be too noisy...

cheers, ant
Hi Anthony - it looks quite ok to me... I am sure it would work. I believe that the maximum l/h pumps/power-heads you can use with the SCWD devices, are +-4500 to 4700 l/hour..... Also - I beileve that if the water's alkalinity's high, there is a chance of the SCWD's freezing/seizing up..... I know that Sean Koekemoer also wants to do something VERY similar to what you are trying to do here. Perhaps you 2 should have a chat??

hmmm... so i'll only have about 9400l/h from my CL's... as opposed to free flow 12000l/h?

sean if you're out there, what's your thoughts on this please!!! & what's your plan for your setup? :)
wow, have you seen the polario 80,000 l/h pumps!!!

would it be possible for me to link one of them to each tank externally or would it be too much flow?

btw, when/where can we get hold of them?
hey guys,

i'm a bit concerned about the CLS's moolis is setting up for me...

it'll have 2 x 6000l/h pumps (totalling only 12000l/h) in each tank...

i had a look at the SEIO M2600's, they pump 10000l/h each, so if i hide a couple of them behind LR, won't they out-perform these CLS's by far?

i know that CLS's help with aesthetics, less heat & a bit safer for nennies etc. but shouldn't i expect a bit more flow from the CLS's? should (or could) moolis use stronger pumps? if so, could you guys please suggest some good strong pumps you've used before?

or maybe i should wait for the polarios?

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