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13 Nov 2015
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East London
Hi all you fellow marine mad people

I started putting my system together about 9 months ago, and have met quite a few helpful people here in East London who have given me stellar advice and steered me on the course to putting everything together in the right way, and have got me committed to following the Red Sea system, for which I am very grateful, as everything I have invested in has been the right thing, first time, and all my frags and fish have thrived.

So a big thumbs up to @puffer fish and a couple of others whose handles I don't know yet. :thumbup:

Right, with that out of the way, Im running a four footer reef tank, around 400l. No sump, but a side refugium that allows me to run, in order, some filter media, Purigen, Activated Charcoal, My heater and 2l of Matrix Stones before pumping back into the display portion of the tank. Add a hang on back BH1000 skimmer, a set of 4 X 54w T5's (2 X Coral Blue, a 12k and an Actinic), 40kgs of decent quality (Mainly Fiji and some Heliopora) live rock and a wave maker, and the tank is pretty much open for business. Water parameters are excellent, and I'm in that newbie phase of chasing numbers for accelerated growth - yah yah, i know, but we all have to go through that dont we? :whistling:

As it stands right now, my frags list includes a few different color zoas, pink xenia, mushrooms, superman and kryptonite rhodactis, pink birds nest, GSP, Green Brain, pinchusion, frogspawn, a leather I was given, but have yet to get someone to identify properly for me, pink candy cane and both a quadricolor BTA and a beautiful tube anemone.

The livestock include a few local crabs and snails for CUC, Clarkii, Ocellaris, Regal Tang, Jumping Bean, Bangai, Lawnmower Blenny and Green Mandarin.

And this is the setup in all it's g(l)ory:


See you all around the forums!
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Welcome Drew , you in the right place now:peroni: ,plenty of useful threads here , start by checking out @Hotsauce dude is selling some awesome lights:thumbup: , check out GlenF's tank as well:eek:
As a matter of interest, I have recently acquired a new 4 foot display tank, stand and sump, which will be getting set up in the new year - a nice tank, with some rich history, it was once featured as a TOTM right here on MASA. Im considering starting a tank thread for all to follow progress...

You can see the tank here.
Now you have to get that tank back into its previous glory.
Thats the plan - right now I've stripped everything down and have got the stand ready for sandblasting and galvanising. I've also stripped all plumbing and the blue background he had on the tank, which will be replaced with black before drilling at least one more overflow hole (One is just too risky for my liking) and new plumbing set up. Then it will get set up for cycling before I move my livestock into it...
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