noisey over flow help needed

21 Sep 2011
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hi guys I just got my new aquaria AM 1000
tank began the cycling and now I 8
I got a noisey return n a very noisey overflow
the over flow sounds like a toilet system.
any 1 got the AM 1000 and has successfully made the noisey over flow quiter
please help guys
thanks in advance guys
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Maybe put up a pic or two for the non AM1000 owners. Maybe we got a plan but as we are unfamiliar with that tank we cannot help at present.
Do you have a ball valve anywhere on the pipework? Does the overflow have a durso pipe in it? Pics will definitely help.
k guys will post a pic shortly thanks guys
hi guys that a a aerial view of my over flow
please assist
thanks guys
ps tank us 400 litres

That is a tough one since there does not seem to be enough space to fit a durso to it. Only real option I can see is a gate valve at the bottom at the sump to damn the water up in the pipe. Issue with that is that you dont have a failsafe backup overflow. But at least with the gate valve you can accuratly damn the water up whereas with a ballvalve it will be near impossible.
yes it is a tough 1
u reckon a gate valve before or after the elbow goin into the sump
Please forgive my ignorance but I had the same issue and knowing very little about plumbing I did some research and came across something called a maggie muffler (Maggie Muffler - Most innovative Aquarium Silencer Ever Made)...

They may have discontinued them but I managed to pick one up at a local LFS for free and since putting it on, the overflow is silent... It is a lot smaller than a durso and I would not say it works as well (I have to adjust it every few months) but it has definitely helped silence the overflow...
hi Rob do u have a aquaria AM 1000 aquarian
No I don't but (again forgive my ignorance) my overflow is designed in much the same way as yours is... Have you given Aquaria SA a call to see if they have any suggestions?
wat tank was it kebab.
did it make a big difference
how did you put the bio balls in
Was a 1.2m no name brand tank. Just put the bio balls straight into the overflow with mesh at the bottom so that they did not block the plumbing. Made a big difference to my tank.
was it just a portion of bio balls or did u fill the over flow from top to buttom
wow so that's a a lots of bio balls
so I am thinking it slowed down the flow
to reduce the noise on the return in sump
and it raised the water level in the over flow
thus making no noise in over flow box / pipe much quiter
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It only quitened my overflow. My return went pipe when straight into a compartment with water, so no noise there. Didnt raise the level in overflow, just broke up the noise...
thanks kebab @RiaanP.
I clicked on yr thread wow you are quite the man
thanks buddy going to measure the diameter of my overflow pipe now
and get the sok n vet in the am
it seems pretty easy
just drill hole on top attach a airline.
is that it ?
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and remove the rubbers on the inside.

and airline valve. For fine tuning.
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