No, we not closing down, we are doing the opposite.

Discussion in 'Reef Aquatics' started by Andre@ReefAquatics, 13 Nov 2015.

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    Reefers this is now the 4th time we get asked are we closing down. In fact we are doing the exact opposite we are excitingly expecting our biggest ever shipment to dock on Monday. And there will be some awesome innovative products living up to our name.

    The new dc redesigned devil pumps are one of them. If anything should fail it will only be the electronics in the controller.

    So yes, we are selling off the old to make way for the new. Just natural evolution of a business. We have also already relocated. Hence our awesome specials. Our suppliers know just how busy we are :)

    Seen some snapshots from whatsapp groups. If there is any doubt pop us an email.

    Some cool surprises on the way. Stay tuned. Not long now.
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