RSS Nifty line splitter from DerKroon integrates probe holders into design

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    We’re continuing the rundown of some of the products from DerKroon Mechanics with this handy integrated line splitter and probe holder. Coming in two sizes, the line splitters have the ability to hold up to four probes on top of the four-way DIV4 and six on top of the six-way DIV6 unit.

    The line splitters use 20mm water ports with a pretty meager footprint, all things considered, and measure in with a diameter of 98 mm and is around 110 mm tall.*Additionally, the company notes the probes will last longer between calibrations due to absence of light and tight water flow through them. If you are looking to purchase one of these, the DIV4 runs €85 (around $110 USD) and the DIV6 runs*€85 ($123 USD).
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