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    Hi Everyone

    We've received the following great quality fish.

    Tangs/Surgeons---Yellow Eyes @ R269.00ea, Ebili @ R229.00ea, Lieutenant @ R395.00ea, Black @ R129.00ea, Clown/Striped @ R215.00ea

    Butterfly---Kleini @ R169.00ea, Pictus @ R98.00ea

    Anthias---Dispar @ R129.00ea, Red Fairy @ R115.00ea

    Wrasses---Long Fin Fairy @ R179.00ea, Picture @ R129.00ea, Checkerboard @ R98.00ea, Blue Streak Cleaner @ R98.00ea

    Blennies---Red Tailed @ R98.00ea, Scorpion @ R129.00ea.

    Gobies---Radium @ R185.00ea, Diamond @ R119.00ea, Tiger @ R185.00ea, Sand Milk @ R98.00ea, Leopard @ R98.00ea

    Coral Hawkfish @ R98.00ea

    Blue Damsels @ R49.00ea

    Cleaner Shrimps @ R239.00ea

    Don't miss out on this healthy, well priced stock.


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