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    The NextReef Sumps are a new line of vessels for housing all your reef aquarium filtration equipment, neatly and affordably under your tank. From humble beginnings NextReef has grown from a manufacturer of BioPellet reactors and accessories to full sized protein skimmers, custom products and now sumps.

    The NextReef sump is pretty much a bare bones affair, with a broad open area of stable water level for placement of in-sump skimmers, reactors, probes etc, and an appropriately sized area which function to house the return pump. There is an attractive blue acrylic bracing skirting the perimeter of the sump with bulkhead holes for incoming water draining from the tank but the sump is not pre-drilled for external water pumps.

    NextReef is making their sumps in four sizes, ranging from 12 gallons and 20 inches long to 34 gallons and 36 inches long. NextReef expects the “street price” of their sumps to be in the neighborhood of $180 to $335 and one particularly nice touch on their part is their top-down schematic so you can evaluate which models can fit all of your reefing gear.

    NextReef doesn’t sell direct but resellers Aquarium Specialty, TB Aquatics and Salty Supply should be loading up their listings of NextReef sumps very soon. [NextReef]

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