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    The new NextReef stick on refugiums serve several functions, mainly as in tank refugiums, but we can imagine that they might very well serve as fish acclimation chambers. In the case that you don’t want to run your QT/ hospital tank for an additional couple weeks just to train/ fatten up your new fish the NextReef stick on refugium would be a great choice. The design is simple, just an acrylic box with plenty holes to allow ample water flow, but it is perfect to grow some macro algae or to shelter fish from competition/ aggressiveness. With attached suction cups* the NextReef stick on refugium can be attached anywhere in the system whether the display or the sump and can be removed just as easily. We would like to see a premium version with magnets rather than suction cups, but that is partially personal preference.

    Like all NextReef products the stick on refugiums are designed and manufactured in the USA. The stick on refugiums will be available in two sizes (six and 12 inches) and can be purchased from any major online retailer and many local fish stores. The small version is expected to retail for $30 and the large version is expected to retail for $40. Additional information on the stick on refugiums can be found on the NextReef website.

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