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    The SMR1 has finally been released! Our solid media reactor (aka Biopellet reactor) is available NOW! Give the folks at Aquarium Specialty a call, they have the very first batch. The SMR1 is a special edition of our standard reactors, with some very cool changes. It’s available in 2 sizes with 14 & 21 inch chambers. Here’s* the most common questions so far: What took so long? Well, a few things. One, we tested the reactor / media combination A LOT. New fittings, new plenums, different pumps… it takes a while. Plus, we had to have that cool blue acrylic tubing custom cast… yep, just for us! Plus, there’s pictures to take, labels to design, websites to update… stuff takes a while! What’s different? Well, it’s white and blue. (Isn’t that enough?) That blue tubing drastically drops the PAR values inside… and cutting down on light reduces algae. ...


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