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    The MaxiJet has a long history of making reef tanks flow; first as one of the most popular and reliable powerheads, and then as one of the most widely propeller-modified water pumps in the reef hobby. Back in September we caught sight of a redesign/repackage which featured a convertible MaxiJet with* a new housing for the powerhead that transformed the high pressure, low volume centrifugal impeller into a low pressure, high volume propeller pump. Since last fall we’ve heard nary a peep from Marineland regarding the internally codenamed MaxiJet “Pro”, but this week will see the nationwide deployment of the next generation MaxiJet dual use water pump.

    The digital render of the MaxiJet in propeller orientation shows that the housing appears to attractively embrace the stator of the water pump. In addition to the modified housing and propeller-equipped rotor magnet, the new MaxiJet also includes an actuated ball mount to articulate the pump in 180 degrees in every direction; the ball mount can orient the pump parallel to the glass or it can hold the pump at a right angle from it.


    All models of the Maxi-Jet with both impeller and propellers are shipping now and they should be hitting store shelves in the next week or so.* In some markets they may already be out so if you want one you may already be able to find some at your local fish store. All four classic models of the Maxi-Jet are getting the convertible housing touch with the suggested retail prices listed below.

    Maxi-Jet 400 – $32.99

    Maxi-Jet 600 – $37.99

    Maxi-Jet 900 – $45.99

    Maxi-Jet 1200 – $48.99
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