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    Why do we use aragonite instead of crushed coral?
    To begin with, Aragonite is a carbonate mineral that was originally found in Spain 25km from Aragon, hence the name.
    The composition of aragonite is the secret. It is considered essential in replicating reefs in aquariums. It is the material that sea life has evolved to use and live around. It also buffers the water's pH and keeps it as close to natural sea water as you can get.
    Crushed coral is too coarse and because of this, it tends to become a small nitrate factory throughout the entire tank.
    Carib sea is one of the leading brands in marine substrates. With various types of grain sizes and colours available, it makes sense to use aragonite and scape your tank the way you want it. If you're still using crushed coral, then upgrade your tank with aragonite now from only R366.
    Click here for more information.


    Euphyllia are corals that fall within the LPS range. They have calciferous skeletons that they recede into when the lights are out or for protection. They use calcium in the water to grow these skeletons. Common Euphyllia seen in marine aquaria are Hammer Corals, Torch Corals and Frogspawn.
    They are fairly easy to maintain and are not too particular when it comes down to water parameters, placement, lighting and flow. As with most LPS corals, maintaining an alkalinity of between 8 and 10 dKH is perfect.


    Purigen is an absorbent media that polishes water to extreme visibility and clarity.
    Purigen removes Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites and Tannins out of the water and removes all waste from water up to 500 times faster than any other product on the market.
    Purigen is basically what we like to call a Protein skimmer in a bag. Once used you will never change to another type of media. Another great benefit of Purigen is that it is regenerable. A mix of bleach and water is all that it needed to regenerate it, so you get many more uses out of it.
    Selling from only R194, why would you not want to buy media that you don’t have to replace?

    New advancements in tropical aquarium technology has finally brought something that will help deal with pesky algae and diseases.
    Twinstar is a range of algae and disease control devices that are twice as effective than UV sterilisers and last up to three times longer.
    Starting at R2100, Twinstar helps to remove most of the headaches and brings back the joy of aquarium keeping. For more information, visit their website by clicking here.

    We have a few shipments coming in over the next few weeks.

    • Thailand (Tropical) - 8th of April
    • Nigeria (Tropical) - 11th of April
    • Vietnam (Marine and Tropical) - 15th of April
    • Bali (Marine) - 18th of April
    • Indonesia (Marine) - 22nd of April
    • Kenya (Marine) - 30th of April
    Ocean Nutrition

    Look out for our awesome Ocean Nutrition special that we're running over the Easter Weekend. Bare in mind that we are closed on the 18th and 21st of April.
    Red Lipped Goby

    This Sri Lankan hill stream fish lives and fast flowing and shallow water, sucking onto the underside of rocks using suction discs.
    They grow to a total length of 4.5cm. Despite being carnivorous, they do well in community tanks as they won't eat other fish and are very placid.However, it is not advisable to add them to a tank with shrimp.
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