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    Hi all, i am new to this forum, however i have done about a years research before i got my very first fish tank which is the boyu TL-550, so just a little about myself.

    30years old from capetown (strand) and a marine tank caught my eye at a local pet shop, the fact that all the things inside was alive and you could see shrimps and crabs and you name it was just to fascinating. i think i spent about an hour just looking at the tank.

    so long story short, new house was built and the fiance and myself decided when we move in we gona get a marine tank, did research for about an year on what i wanted and decided the best bet is to buy a second hand boyu 550 tank from my mate that is going oversee to see if this hobby is for me or not before i spend a lot and it dont work out as i thought.

    so i have the tank for about 7 months now and it was previously 2 years old with the 2 clowns and a yellow/purple dottyback. i changed the filtering system,added new live sand and doing 10% water changes on a weekly basis. i was on the verge of getting a better skimmer because the standard one is pretty useless as i understand, wanted to buy the Tunze 9004 skimmer(decided against it because read on).

    The tank is now filled with 2 clowns a small regal(dory) and a diamond goby, 1 fire shrimp,blue hermit crab and a turbo snail and some sort of sand snail and a sand starfish. the following corals is a torch coral, frogspawn, hammer coral and some zoas, green mushrooms and a hollywood stunner chalice, and something new coral came up which was the size of a small zoa and is now about 5cm in diameter(dont know what it is) i added a anemone last week, its white with purple tips.

    i learned a few things these last 7 months, that 30 degrees celcius water is to high (24 now), i fiddled to much with moving things inside the tank to get what i like, that the filter system at the back was BAD,i also learned that when you buy a new fish at the petshop make sure it eats before you buy it, i lost my first fish i added to the tank because it didn't eat anything for 30days (bengai cardinal) i also lost a small maxima clam which i still don't know why(maybe my lighting is not good enough), take note that i only added 1 fish per 2 months and 1 new coral after each month for what its worth. and also that dont add fish to your tank which will be bullied by another ( dottyback was sold to a petshop because he bullied the goby adn this made me took out all the live rock again for about the 3rd time and every time the scaping changes because i cant get it the way it was

    right now the tank is doing great with the parameters in check.

    so i decided to join this group as it helped me out with researching the way im gonna build my new tank in the very near future.
    the reasons why i want to build a new tank is the folowing:

    -my friends would rather be in the tv room to look at the tank than being in the braai area so im going to build a biggish tank in my braai room

    -i want a sump so that i can start with a lot of copepods etc for a mandarin goby that i really want and also it provides better filtration

    -i want proper lights because i maybe think that was the reason the clam died (i have custom made leds)

    so this is my introduction, if all goes well i will start with my new tank build in the next month which will be a 1200x500x500

    attached a few pictures of my tank (its a old samsung s5 camera so it snot good quality)

    my next post will be the new tank build (very exciting)







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