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    The second generation NeWave water pumps will come in the same six models, with improvements in water flow output, better efficiency and less noise. However, one interesting change to note is that the smallest NeWave 1.6 is adjustable from 800 to 1600 lph (211-422 gph), especially useful when trying to fine tune flow in a tiny nano or pico reef. As you can see in the image of the NeWave 1.6 the water flow is controlled by a sliding adjuster which blocks the intake for the propeller. When the NeWave 1.6 is released in Europe we expect that it will become a widely popular propeller pump for the diminutive reef tank owners because not only is the NeWave 1.6 one of the smallest propeller pumps on the market, it will certainly be one of the most affordable small adjustable propeller pumps.
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