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    The Newa More all in one aquarium is a modestly small aquarium from the Italian division of Newa which was formerly associated with the French Aquarium Systems. The Newa More doesn’t exactly stand out in a crowded field but that’s partly because Newa did an excellent job of packing in very useful features into a combination filter and lighting system which is about as unobtrusive as any we’ve ever seen.

    Whereas most small all in one nano aquariums in Western markets seem to have gravitated towards the use of a back filter compartment within the aquarium, the Newa More barely has any equipment inside the tank. Instead the small water pump and heater are relegated to taking up a very small part of one corner, with the bulk of the filtration taking place above one corner of the tank, out of the water.

    [​IMG]The innovative triangle is a combination of filter and a pragmatic LED striplight which still manages to include two channels of color control for each of the white and actinic LEDs. The lighting system even has a built-in timer system for both colors which is programmable through touch-sensitive buttons.

    To be honest though, it was the built in air-driven protein skimmer that first grabbed our attention and made us give closer inspection on this unassuming little all in one. The Newa More comes in several flavors but obviously only the reef version has the included air-driven protein skimmer which is powered by a basic little air pump and a trusty wooden air stone.

    [​IMG]We secretly chuckle when nano all in one aquarium reef tanks have a micro needle wheel skimmer available for them because these are loud, inefficient, high maintenance and they barely skim even when they are in proper working order. If anything these micro needle wheel skimmers add more hassle and unnecessary maintenance and heat to otherwise decent little nano reefs, but the Newa More hits the bullseye with their air driven nano skimmer. Even the small collection cup for the Newa More sits neatly above the main filter/lighting unit so you can see how it is operating, but maybe they should have made it a smoked dark plastic so that a cup full of skimmate is not so visible when gazing at the overall setup.

    The Newa More aquarium comes in two sizes, the NMO20 and NMO30 which are both available in black or white trim, but it’s the fully loaded NMO30R which we’re concerned with. The NMO30R has a built-in 50 watt heater, the two channels of color control, built in protein skimmer, included air pump, built in timer and holds 28 liters of water, or just a little over 7 gallons. The Newa More 30R is only available in Europe as far as we know where it retails for around 199€ or about $247. [Newa]

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