New year and already looking for a nice tank

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Sea-Horse, 4 Feb 2012.

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    4 Feb 2012
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    Hallo all,

    New to the group but not new to the Marine keeping industry - the bug bit again after a visit to my local pet store.

    A lot has changed since my first marine tank working on a under-gravel filter and bio wheel but it is lovely to see all the new stuff available.

    May I start with a question ? I am looking for a marine tank that breaks away from the norm. A circular one would be very nice and I see a number of nicely designed one's at pet shops but with low water volume which obviously does play a roll.
    I am keen on getting a tank with length rather than width ideal for a corner of a house.

    If anybody knowns where I should be heading it would be greatly appreciated


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    Joe's Mountain
    Welcome to MASA
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    Houghton Estate, Johazzardousburg
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    Pinetown,South Africa(KZN)
    :welcometomasa2:to MASA...:1:
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    Lilliehammer, Norway
    Welcome andrew, great to have you as part of Masa:)

    its nice to know youve aleady kept a marine tank, helps alot in gearing up again, but as you say things have changed alot and continue to do so, so planning your equipment and how you want to go about the filtration of a system is of paramount important. Ask anything you like the friendly guys and girls on masa will give you all the info you need.

    With regards to what tank to get though there are a few things to think about and they are important as it will greatly influence you viewing of your tank in a long term. Ive known a few with circular tanks and almost all (ok 6/8) have traded them in within a year as the curved glass made the tanks refraction difficult to view their corals and fish nicely while also being a PITA to keep clean. So think carefully about it, although good news is that you can get large vollume circular tanks, you jsu7t have to look carefully.

    While i undsertand you desire to get a tank with length rather than width (its what i porefer too as its great top have the swimming space for fish like tangs and one can set up different corals on different places on a long reef) width is however VERY important in a tank. One if gives you water vollume and thats hugley to your advantage with regards stability of water. two it gives you space to aquascape. This is very important as a 'wall of rock' placed against the back of an aquarioum thats too narrow to allow space behind it also gives you difficulties. It can look one dimensional and a little less interesting with regards to having fish swimming through a reef and it can be a real pain with detritus getting stuck at the back of the wall.

    in short id sugest getting a tank as long as will fit your space, aroudn 800cm to 1m wide and around 650cm deep. Depth is important as you need to be able to reach the bottom to place corals and things and you dont want too much water preventing light getting to your corals.

    hope that all gives you some things to think about with regards to the tank shape you might want:)

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