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    With the pre-orders for AI Vega going live and its release looking imminent, you didn’t think that Aqua Illumination would let it loose without a revamped controller didja? The new 2012 AI controller is all kinds of wireless with a color screen to let you easily navigate a very intuitive user interface which is navigated with one of six touch sensitive button controls.*


    AI’s new controller can wireless communicate with the AI Vega and any AI Sol or AI Nano equipped with the AI Wireless adapter, allowing AquaIllumination’s popular legacy products to play in the same wireless pool as the AI Vega. As we expect, the new AI Controller will feature multiple timers, individual addressing of separate AI LED fixtures, moon phases, lightning and passing clouds so you can get the most out of your LED toys.

    There’s no word yet on when the new AI Controller will be released or for how much, but it’s probably safe to say that it will be out soon and if AquaIllumination’s track record is any indication, their new controller will likely be surprisingly affordable too. [AquaIllumination]
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