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    WingoLED recently announced the debut of the WingoLED Actinic 2.0 LED strip lights. From the initial Wingo LED strips we saw last year, the Actinic 2.0 strips featured a few improvements including changes to the heatsink and general heat dissipation to using 1W LEDs to give you more illumination. The improved design include changes to more durable materials and better waterproofing to the light bars.

    The WingoLED Actinic 2.0 LED lights also have the option to get either 60 or 90 degree optics depending on how the striplights are being mounted. Initially WingoLED will be in three solid color choices of 450nm royal blue, 460 blue and 12,000K white in 12, 24, 36 or 48 in. lengths. The 12 in. model uses 9W of power and runs with a recommended retail price of $98, the 24 in. model is 18W at $178, the 36 in. is 27W for $218 and the 48 in. is 36W for $248. Other color mixing options should be available in the future. To find out more about the WingoLED Actinic 2.0 LED striplights you can email him via wingoagency at yahoo dot com.
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