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8 May 2007
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The Wifi Edge LED is a new solid state aquarium lighting fixture coming soon from Aquatic Life. The new Wifi Edge LED may take its name from Aquatic Life’s pretty basic Edge LED striplight but the wireless Wifi Edge cranks up the power and features to eleven.

The Wifi Edge LED, as the name implies, can be connected to a Wi-Fi network as well as directly connect to mobile devices; this means that a local router is not required and native applications will be available for both iOS and Android smartphones. The software for the Wifi Edge LED will allow programming of the different channels of LED colors, with modes for acclimation, moonlighting, cloud cover, lightning and more.


The topside of the fully waterproof Aquatic Life Edge LED

If more than one Edge is used over a single aquarium, they can be grouped together so that the software controls both lights as one single huge fixture. The housing of the Wifi Edge LED is designed to be completely waterproof, so there is no fan and therefore it runs completely silent. Aquatic Life is planning to make the Wifi Edge LED in two sizes and two different color spectrums.

There will be a Reef version and a Freshwater version of the Wifi Edge, each of which will come in 36 inch (90cm) and 48 inch (120cm) sizes. The three foot Wifi Edge will have a maximum lighting power of 45 watts while the four foot Wifi Edge will top out at 60 watts, with pricing ranging from $189 to $269 depending on size/model.


The freshwater version of the Aquatic Life Wifi Edge LED aquarium fixture/striplight

The Freshwater Wifi Edge LED includes seven different colors of LEDs with some UV and deep blue diodes covering 395nm to 415nm wavelength peaks, 520nm greens, 625nm reds and three shades of white LEDs ranging from 4,000, 6,000 and 8,000 Kelvin. Meanwhile the Reef version of the Wifi Edge will only have one shade of 8,000K white diodes, a touch of green and red but a whole lot more blues including three spectrums covering the 450 to 480 nanometer wavelengths.

Aquatic Life is hoping to have the new very colorful Wifi Edge LED fixtures available to the aquarium market in August but we’re planning to get a sneak peek next weekend at InterZoo 2016 in Germany.


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