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    Lionfish often get a bad rap. One reason is because they are invasive in the wild and secondly, many times these unique fish get in the hands of hobbyists that don’t know how to care for the exotic beast. Lionfish Lair is a new website that is looking to connect interested hobbyists with information and livestock for all things that sting.

    You can go to nearly every LFS and see a few examples of lionfish people have returned after they realize they don’t have what it takes to own one of these unique specimens. This website will help people understand the nature of lionfish, scorpionfish, waspfish, triggers, anglers, puffers, rays, sharks and other aquarium oddballs.

    So far the site is set up with a forum, article library, gallery, quick info guides and in the future will contain a WYSIWIG store. If you have any interest in these lovable aquarium oddballs, head on over to the Lionfish Lair.
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