New water supplier in town?

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by Charl_Stanhope, 5 Apr 2011.

  1. Charl_Stanhope


    17 Jan 2011
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    Big Bay
    hey guys.

    There a new guy in town which supplies water. Apparantly ro/di also. He gave me the breakdown of all the stuff in the water. Can I use(I dont think so from what I can see but its worth a try) it as he is like walking distance from my house.

    Here the parametres :
    Calcium : < 2
    Sodium < 3
    Potassium as k. whatever that means
    Chloride < 5. That looks high
    Sulphate (So4) < 2
    Alkalinity (CaCo3) <5
    Nitrate < 0.3
    TDS < 20
    Ph - 6-8
    Iron < 0.1
    Magnesium < < 0.1

    Aluminium < 0.3

    He claims that you can use it and people use it all the time but I dont trust NO shop in Hermanus. They all here to make quick bucks.

    As far as I can see its a NO
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  3. Suhayl


    24 Sep 2007
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    A tds of 20 a bit high, 0 is good. Invest in your own ro unit.
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