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    Gramma dejongi*is the perciform embodiment for the phrase “so close, yet so far”. The canary yellow basslet with purple pelvic fins is a startling contrast that will surely liven and brighten up any reef tank. That is, if you could obtain one. Found in Cuba, this lovely basslet is without a doubt, the most gorgeous species in the Gramma genus, but yet very difficult and expensive to obtain due to the embargo in Cuba.

    In the past year or so, few specimens have been trickling into the aquarium scene, mostly imported in from Europe. Numerous pictures and videos have been uploaded on the internet by a league of lucky owners. The brand new video above of G. dejongi shows perfectly the elegance and grace that the little yellow fish bears, yet also taunting us once again of it’s unobtainable nature. For now, at least. We hope to see, perhaps in the not so distant future, captive bred Gramma dejongi. One can certainly dream.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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